There's a moment in each person's life something happens that changes you, be it good or bad, it stays with you forever. A lot of you are  having that moment right now as we deal with the current situations in the news.  My moment of change came 30 years ago. I was a 17 year old kid with what i thought was the world before me. I had been raised in a predominately black area of town and had never experienced racism and then on this seemingly perfect day as i was in the middle of what some call God's country , I stepped on an elevator and i changed. As the elevator stopped on the next floor a man got on the elevator with me. He seemed to have been drinking, which was surprising because it was early in the morning and checkout time. As he entered the elevator he just stared at me and then the words came out of his mouth F***ing N****. I was somewhat stunned and at a loss for words. I just told myself he was a drunk and not worth the words. As i exited the elevator at the ground floor a mob of people were waiting for this guy as we got off. I was totally confused. Who was this guy and why are people waiting on him and asking for his autograph. I asked the person at the front desk and they said it was Eddy Money. I still had no clue who he was till later researching it. As time went own, and i would here his name or here his music, i would be taken back to that moment in that elevator. A moment that changed me. I have had other experiences far worse, but that was the beginning. When i initially started "twentyfoursevenblack" it was a completely different direction than what i envision now: I did not know that there was a higher purpose. I want this site to be a voice in the dark, i want this to be our "Change.org". But not just a signature, but a place were we can go and see the facts of what is really happening, a place were you  can tell your story, and let the world know and here your voice. A place to remind us "who we are" and "what we are"    XXIVVII BLACK
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